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Sidekicke Marketing

We are your 21st century Integrated Marketing Agency that is constantly changing how brands interact with their target audience

Experiential Marketing

We create experiences for your target audience and we make things go Viral! We know what exactly will fuel your brands reach. We understand those moments when people meet your brand truly matter.

Public Relations

We tell your story differently by taking a unique approach to every brief from our clients. We combine our extensive experience with current trends and insights on consumers/target audience.


Digital Marketing

We help you tell your story from a strategic perspective, utilize Social Media for brand building, for raising awareness of your brand story, and allow consumers to become involved in your story through collaboration.


"We are an Integrated Marketing Communications Agency that specializes in building strong brands and proffering irregular but innovative solutions to marketing problems".

Our Approach

We offer our clients a package service, which brings together online and offline marketing efforts in a consistent and balanced way. This gives marketing campaigns added depth and breadth. What’s more, it maximises all marketing impact.

What we offer

We offer an integrated marketing approach that proffers solutions to all your marketing needs under one roof. We have the capacity, resources and know-how to implement a range of different marketing strategies in one cohesive effort.

Our services

Our services include a combination of the following:


  • Digital Marketing
  • Channel Development
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Public Relations & Media Monitoring
  • Key Account Management
  • Sales & Consumer Activation
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Strategy & Research

Our Clients 

Our services


Sales and Marketing

Sales is not just attracting new customers to your business, but also getting your existing customers to buy more. We sell products and services to businesses of all sizes through various marketing channels and divisions.


Every Business Needs A Sidekicke!